Support the Pastor's

Pastoral Care: We simply provide care for pastors, serve and encourage them through immediate assistance, educational support, and research. We help pastors with legal assistance, counseling, medical needs, get away, personal needs, and so much more. Our national networks of caregivers are willing to help encourage and support pastors. Statistics are alarming!!! Too many pastors are leaving the ministry each year and too many churches are closing across the world. Our goal and desire is to encourage and strengthen pastors and keep them in the ministry. Please pray for us as we endeavor to bless pastors everywhere. It is a great pleasure to bring happiness and fulfillment in the lives of pastors. Pastors and their families are very important to us. We want to keep them in the ministry as well as to help them along their journey. We know what pastors go through and we care!

With our Adopt-A-Pastor Program we?

" Support pastors that they might remain strong and serve
" Help provide for the basic necessities for the pastor and their family such as food and shelter
" Give them a financial cushion that will help sustain them during times of emergency
" Provide for school fees and uniforms for their children

Taking the pressure off a pastor by them knowing someone cares gives them the confidence to continue

What are some of the things your donation is used for?

" Rent fees for their home
" Food for their table
" Clothing to wear
" Medication for themselves and their families
" Resource materials for their ministries
" Public transportation fees that they might effectively serve the people of God