About us

Pastor. Vinod Sharma and Rekha Sharma

I born and brought up in Hindu family and 1994 my mother passed away so I was totally broken and after that my father started to drink alcohols and started to bitten both my brothers and as well me. I run from my house for the work to help my brothers. 4th of January 1999 I received the Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I joined with Youth With a Mission. 2000. I got the engagement with Rekha. 11th of May 2006 I married to Rekah. 8th of November 2009 God blessed with the beautiful son his name is Ethan. Last 12 years we served in (Youth with a Mission) and God spoke with us from Genesis 12:1 in January 2012 to step down from the Goa YWAM and moved new place we did not know where we will go but we were in prayer and 8th of October God spoke with us to go to Pune and God also spoke that we are going to work as International Network ministries 15th of December 2012 we came to Pune even did not know anyone and we think how will work. God spoke with my wife to work with women first she started the beautician training 3 months course and even we did not have the place but God open way. Now also she is working with the community women with the craft work making the jewelry and card. God connected also national and international to stand with each other's as we are the body of Christ. We started the feeding center called His hands and feet. We are feeding the children and telling the stories every day we are also helping them as to develop their skills as well their souls.